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  • In 2018 she initiated and co-facilitated Art For Equality, an ongoing process for Helsinki art institutions to ensure diversity, anti-racism, gender equality, sustainability and labor rights in their practices.

  • She has been involved in the New York chapter of Extinction Rebellion, an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction

  • Co-created the Museum of the History of Cattle, an ethnographic museum exploring the relationship between cattle and humanity from a bovine perspective

  • Authored the essays “The Edge of the World (On Cancer and Migration)” and “Terike Haapoja: Becoming White. Finland, Equality and Overcoming Bad History Lessons”

  • Gustafsson&Haapoja collaboration with writer Laura Gustafsson


Beyond Nature/Culture; Biodiversity & Biopolitics; Climate Change; Democracy & Capitalism; Empathy; Equality & Equity; Multispecies Ethos & Animal/Nature Rights

Terike Haapoja’s large scale installation work, writing and political projects investigate the mechanics of othering with a specific focus on issues arising from the human-centric world view of the Western tradition. With a specific focus in encounters with nature, death and other species, Terike’s work investigates the existential and political boundaries of our world. Her work raises questions about how different structures of exclusion and discrimination function as foundations for identity and culture. She approaches these themes by building large projects, often realized in the forms of installations, related publications and participatory acts.  


Terike represented Finland in the 55 Venice Biennale with a solo show in the Nordic Pavilion, and her work has been exhibited in the Taipei Biennial, the Momentum Biennial, and The National Art Museum of China. She has been awarded the ANTI Prize for Live Art (2016), the Dukaatti-prize (2008), the Ars Fennica prize nomination (2011). She is an adjunct professor at Parsons Fine Arts and NYU, New York. Terike is based in New York City.

In the 15 years since creating “Entropy” and “Mind over Matter over Mind,” Haapoja has built a complex body of work that uses large-scale, discursive installations and related publications to question humanity’s relationship with other species, the motions of “othering” people who differ, and the legal and political structures of making beings into things and things into beings.
– Xochitl Rojas-Rocha of UC San Diego

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