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ViVA Interns to Speak in Panel at 2022 NAEA Conference in New York City

Olivia Spiers and Zoë Fejeran, M.A. candidates in Art Education at the University of Texas at Austin and interns for ViVA, will present their collaborative research at the National Art Education Association (NAEA) conference taking place from March 3 - 5 in New York City.

Olivia and Zoë will be part of a panel titled “Moving from Me to We: A Showcase of Collaborative Research in Art Education,” along with their co-presenters and fellow students at UT Austin: Ariana Zaia, Aunica Cesena, and Carlos Becerril. This panel – which will take place on March 3 from 1:00p.m. to 2:00p.m. EST – is sponsored by the NAEA Professional Learning Through Research Working Group and highlights examples of cross-divisional, collaborative art education research. Through the speaker presentations, attendees will hear the stories behind the research including the successes, challenges, and lessons accrued along the way.

The UT Austin group’s collaborative action-research study titled “C3: Connecting Communities Through Art Curriculum & Change” was completed through the united effort of graduate students and UT Austin faculty. This project brought together grad students, faculty, community stakeholders, and classroom teachers, and the purpose of this study was to design curricular resources centering EDI (equity, diversity & inclusion) that were otherwise needed or missing from available curriculum. As a direct response to the needs voiced by educators, the researchers created a collection of materials spanning various media. This included videos, lesson plans and instructional guides to be easily integrated into existing teaching resources.

After giving educators a chance to test their resources, the UT Austin students found that most teachers were “extremely/to somewhat likely to utilize resources” and actually wanted more resources; specifically K-12 content that teachers could easily access and personalize to fit a range of student needs. The panel presentation at the 2022 NAEA Conference will give a brief overview of the resources that Olivia, Zoë and their colleagues created, as well as a deeper look into the personal experiences beneath the collaborative research.

The organizers of the panel have created this session with the idea that “research is not just for ‘academics’” and they stipulate that in order to strengthen the art education community, “it is vital to build connections across divisions and expand our notions of research.” For this reason, the panel will include speakers from various corners of the art world such as: museums, schools, higher ed, community, preservice, and others.

To register for the 2022 NAEA Conference on March 3-5, see the NAEA website for more details.

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