• Natalie Marsh

ViVA Enters Formal Partnership with Solve Climate 2030’s March 30, 2022 Teach-In

In our November 4th ViVA Voices newsletter interview by Education and Communication Editorial Intern Olivia Spiers, we heard from David Blockstein and Eban Goodstein, the leadership behind the Solve Climate 2030 Worldwide Teach-In on Climate and Justice orchestrated by Bard College’s MBA in Sustainability students and the Center for Environmental Policy.

After the interview ViVA continued the dialogue. We are very pleased to officially announce a formal partnership with Bard. ViVA will cross-promote the Teach-In and encourage participation among art, art history, museum and curatorial studies, and affiliated disciplines across academia, including academic museums and galleries. Our team will be researching and authoring useful guides for campus organizers of Teach-Ins who are interested in learning ways to include and attract the visual arts. We also stand ready to work closely with interested institutions who want to connect the voices of ViVA’s artists to their higher education communities through talks, panels and conversations.

As noted in the earlier story, Goodstein and Blockstein aim to collaborate with at least 1,000 universities and colleges, high schools, elementary schools and community organizations through their “teach-in” format. This is a flexible model that can include anything from film screenings and talks to faculty discussion sessions that help to shift community members from a state of being “climate-aware” to being “climate-engaged.” The initiative emphasizes the importance of simply doing something, anything, to get the conversation building and to activate communities of learners around the globe.

We look forward to this collaboration and future updates as the work unfolds. Stay tuned!

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