• Scott Baker

ViVA Artist News: Nina Elder Awarded Residency in Maine and On View at Anchorage Museum

Nina Elder has been awarded an Ellis Beauregard Foundation Residency. She will spend two months in Maine researching and responding to the concepts, histories, and technologies of lifting, hoisting, harnessing and cradling. Nina’s interest in this topic arose during her collaborative work on previous projects, and an ongoing series entitled Bonds and Breaks. This series features knotted ropes and mended anchor lines, as well as fraying nets, all meant as metaphors for surviving through climate change and social reckonings. In her own words: “…these images revel in the complexities of dependency and brokenness. They question what tethers humanity during periods of extreme change and how we might exist with what remains.”

It Will Not Be The Same, But It Might Be Beautiful is Nina Elder's multimedia response to living through times of extraordinary change and upheaval, focusing on geologic fracturing. This project illuminates that what remains — even through environmental demise — can inspire wonder, help us understand the past, and embolden resilience in the future. The video component of this work will be exhibited throughout the fall as a projection on the monumental facade of the Anchorage Museum. This work was supported by the National Performance Network and the Speranza Foundation.

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