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Two Touring Nina Elder Exhibitions Now Available

Through a new curatorial platform called artepodia, two touring exhibitions showcasing recent projects by ViVA artist Nina Elder are now available for booking from July 2022 through December 2027.

Solastalgic Archive

Conceived by artist Nina Elder, Solastalgic Archive holds materials that contextualize and give breadth to the experience of living and making in this time of accelerated change. This interdisciplinary project emerged out of a 2019 residency at the University of New Mexico, hosted by the Art + Ecology Program and the UNM Museum of Art. For her residency, Nina Elder conceptualized the Deep Time Lab, an experimental creative arts research and art museum education platform rooted in collective, creative, and interdisciplinary research which explored how we situate ourselves within time. Solastalgic Archive includes objects, images, audio recordings, videos, and conceptual actions that represent the solastalgic; the premonition of transition or a sense of loss from an anticipated future. These ephemeral markers of memory, creation, forgetting, destruction, preciousness and transience were submitted by more than 40 diverse founding artists and collaborators. As an intentionally evolving, changing, temporal entity the Archive will continue to grow as it is enriched by additions connected to each host venue on its tour. Much like the practicalities of a traditional time capsule, each submission has had only one physical requirement: it must fit in a flat rate USPS postal box; boxes in which the exhibition’s objects continue to be carefully stored and moved from venue to venue.

Prospectus is available by clicking here.

It Will Not Be The Same, But It Might Be Beautiful

A second touring exhibition project entitled It Will Not Be The Same, But It Might Be Beautiful is an ongoing multimedia project by artist and interdisciplinary researcher Nina Elder that investigates change – climate, economic, political and social – by focusing on natural and human-made objects that have been exhausted by use and transformed by time and extreme environmental fluctuations. Elder is particularly focused on geographic and geologic boundary and border sites where systems come in contact with each other; ocean and shore, desert and mountain, glacier and land. This exhibition of 16 framed large format representational drawings and two multi-channel videos provides a close meditation on the remains and residues of change amidst environmental demise and how these can inspire wonder, help people to understand the past, and embolden resilience for the future. The formal beauty of Elder’s velvety drawn surfaces and their documentarian verisimilitude is powerfully strengthened by their materiality; they are drawn with wildfire charcoal, petroleum lubricant, industrial pulp mill waste and glacial silt commingled with traditional graphite, charcoal, and chalk on heavyweight white paper.

Prospectus is available by clicking here.

About Nina

Artist and researcher Nina Elder creates projects that reveal humanity’s dependence on, and interruption of, the natural world. She examines historic land use and its cycles of production, consumption, and waste. Mines, bombing ranges, and junk heaps are source material for her landscape paintings and representational drawings that explore the line between land and landscape, beauty and banality. Similarly, her video works and performances document human engagement in these same sites. Nina’s artwork is widely exhibited and has been featured in Art in America, VICE Magazine, and on PBS. Her research has been supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation, the Rauschenberg Foundation Award for Arts & Activism, the Pollock Krasner Foundation, and the Mellon Foundation. She has recently held positions as an Art + Environment Research Fellow at the Nevada Museum of Art, a Polar Lab Research Fellow at the Anchorage Museum, and a Researcher-in-Residence in the Art and Ecology Program at the University of New Mexico. She migrates between rural places in New Mexico and Alaska.

artepodia fee structure and special discounts

An equity-based fee structure based on the total budget size of host venues has been established for these touring projects (shipping is separate):

Under $250,000 total annual budget: $5,000

$250,000-$1M total annual budget: $7,500

Over $1M total annual budget: $10,000

50% of all fees are directed to exhibiting artists to support their studio and social practices.

A sliding scale discount, based on budget size, will be offered for venues choosing to book both an artepodia exhibition and a ViVA Virtual Visiting Artists virtual engagement (including a ViVA talk, all educational and PR materials, and consultation time with a ViVA educator). For example, a venue with a total budget under $250,000 will receive a 22% discount on artepodia exhibition fees if they also contract a ViVA engagement. Mid-sized organizations receive 15% off, and larger organizations receive an 11% discount.

artepodia is an initiative of Marsh Projects LLC, directed by ViVA co-founder Natalie Marsh.

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