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New Date for ViVA’s AAMC Webinar + ViVA to appear at AAM Conference in May

Association of Art Museum Curators (AAMC):

As reported previously, ViVA was invited by the leadership of the Association of Art Museum Curators (AAMC) to lead a webinar in February 2021. In recent days, AAMC asked to shift the program to Thursday, March 31 at 12:00 PM Eastern to permit more time to announce and promote the program. Entitled “Collectives + Collaboration: New Curatorial Organizations,” the program will be moderated by Dr. Natalie Marsh, Co-founder, Executive Director and Chief Curator of ViVA and feature Barbara Pollack, Co-founder of Art At A Time Like This, and two of ViVA’s artist collectives: Sayler/Morris (Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris) and desertArtLAB (Matt Garcia and April Bojorquez). Sayler/Morris and desertArtLAB consistently deploy curatorial practices in their interdisciplinary and community-engaged projects. Similarly, Art At A Time Like This places contemporary artists in non-traditional public contexts.

As most traditional cultural organizations shifted their work and administration in response to COVID-19 restrictions, and grappled with P.A.I.N., #METOO, anti-racism and LGBTQ+ reckonings, other curatorial ideas, technologies, and organizational structures emerged outside of the mainstream. Smaller start-ups, often bypassing support from traditional sources and brick-and-mortar venues, are nimble in their delivery on DEAIJ priorities, decision-making, and management through deep collaboration and new processes. This webinar convenes seasoned and independent curators and new progressive platforms, alongside artist collaboratives, all of whom have spearheaded DEAIJ, wellness-oriented and localized community-engaged methods, civic and democratic responsibility, sustainable low-carbon practices and environmental justice. Please watch for additional announcements about registering for the webinar.

Alliance of American Museums (AAM):

In the past week, ViVA learned that a session proposal for the May 2022 conference of the Alliance of American Museums (AAM) was accepted. Entitled “Mighty Academic Museums/Galleries and University Climate Pledges," the session is scheduled for May 20th at 4:00-5:00 PM (Session Code 274).

While some academic museums may be working closely and in lockstep with sustainability directors and senior administrators on their college and university campuses to transition their practices and facilities, others may be left out of the conversation altogether as sustainability professionals may view them as “auxiliary enterprises” with minimal roles. This collaborative session brings together Kristina Durocher, President of the Association of Academic Museums & Galleries (AAMG), Dr. Natalie Marsh, Co-founder of the low carbon nonprofit ViVA Virtual Visiting Artists and Secretary and Midwest Representative on AAMG’s Board, Timothy Carter, President of the higher education climate action consortium Second Nature, and Joyce Lee, Founder of the Green Museums Network and Chair of AAM’s Environment and Climate Network, and Daryl Lawrence, Museum Facility Manager, Bell Museum at the University of Minnesota, to highlight the participation and achievement of academic museums on Net Zero campuses and explore how museum professionals can enter this important effort and locate necessary resources and expertise. This conversation will introduce participants to both the unique internally directed and externally focused efforts that academic museums and galleries can consider; how to contribute to community education about sustainability and environmental justice while also working to alter internal policies, transition facilities and infrastructure, and begin to address Scope 2 and 3 emissions while supporting their parent institutions as they undertake divestment and campus-wide conversions from fossil fuels. Our session will also explore how campus sustainability offices can support museums in making transitions and what we, as a field, can do to inform and advocate for the role of museums in this process.

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