• Natalie Marsh

Greenwave: Summer Summit

Last week, Natalie Marsh was invited to participate in the Summer 2022 Green Wave Summit, the eighth such meeting of leaders in sustainability. Many of the 100 participants returned from prior summits to the project of thinking about key sustainability issues and ideas. Green Wave was formed by Glenn Hallam, Paul Seymour, Rocky Kimball, Libba and Gifford Pinchot, and Brad Pierce, to bring together people who are in a position of influence and who care about the environment and want to make a difference. The summits have been a method of accomplishing the founders’ goal of helping the world accelerate and scale change for the planet. They seek to support both industry and a larger movement in sustainability by connecting participants from the for-profit, non-profit, government and other sectors around the globe in a series of conversations kicked off by keynotes who address a range of important topics.

The summer summit held last week focused on this leading question: How can we accelerate and scale our work for the planet? Guest speakers addressed values-based leadership in organizations, creative funding for large-scale solar projects, and radical energy transformation across a large research university campus. In curated breakout sessions, each participant met and reacted to compelling prompts while networking with four or five other participants.

It’s worth sharing a few of these prompts with all of you!:

  • What is the most radical positive transformation for the planet happening around you?

  • What is your big vision for the future? Who will help you?

  • How do you express your sustainability values in organizations that operate on competing values?

  • Where do you live and work?

  • What role do you hope to play in protecting the planet?

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