• Natalie Marsh

Flight Impact Calculator Demonstrates Carbon Impact in Relatable Terms

With’s fascinating flight impact calculator filling my screen, I began to punch in familiar destinations that I frequented professionally over the past decade and must admit embarrassment at just how much I have contributed to global warming in the name of advancing art and culture.

My alarm wasn’t just focused on my own contribution; I began to run the calculations in my head for the dozens of flights I had helped schedule to bring artists and scholars to the campuses where I have worked over the past 20 years. Writ large across an entire college or university this impact is extraordinary and dire. Multiplied out across the entire higher education sector it becomes clear why organizations like Second Nature, a consortium of higher education leaders and institutions working to accelerate climate action, are beginning to focus more attention on how colleges and universities can address Scope 3 emissions. Defined as the indirect emissions that are not owned or controlled by an institution, but which often add up to the largest portion of an institution’s total greenhouse gas emissions, these include things like employee commuting and business-related travel and emissions related to procurement and disposal of purchased products.


In famed management guru Peter Drucker’s oft-quoted terms: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” To that end, ViVA has added the open source flight impact calculator from to our website. We imagine you might choose to calculate the profound costs of in-person visiting artist talks compared to the virtual option that ViVA provides.

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