• Natalie Marsh

desert ArtLAB caps residency with upcoming exhibitions

Matthew Garcia and April Bojorquez, the principals of the collective desert ArtLAB, wrapped up their year-long Mellon Artist Residency at Colorado College. They capped their experience with a cyanotype workshop that involved collecting and using native flora in the image-making process. They expected approximately 20 participants and were delighted to see their program attract nearly 70 people of all ages! Desert ArtLAB is an interdisciplinary artist collaborative whose work promotes Indigenous perspectives on ecological practice and climate change.

In early winter, the Fine Arts Center at Colorado College will open a solo show of desert ArtLAB’s work. Another solo exhibition is planned to open at the Arizona State University Museum of Art in the spring. In November, their work will be featured in a group show at the Technisches Museum Wien (Museum of Science and Technology) in Vienna that will be traveling throughout Europe.

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