• Natalie Marsh

Artist News: Christina Seely

Also featured in a solo project at the Anchorage Museum, Christina Seely’s DISSONANCE and DISTURBANCE will be on view through September 4, 2022. The works presented are part of a larger exhibition entitled Counter Cartographies: Living the Land.

Christina’s multidisciplinary practice consistently combines the fields of art, science, design, installation and sound, and culminates in a range of visual and collaborative translations. Her work addresses complexities of both built and natural global systems in order to highlight increasingly tenuous relationships between humans and the planet. DISSONANCE is a single-channel video installation showing, in slow-motion, the melting of ice from the Greenland ice sheet as Christina interacts with it. DISTURBANCE is an immersive audio installation about how man-made sound sources disrupt natural/ambient sound. Drawing on her fieldwork in Greenland, Alaska and Panama, the project investigates how the proliferation of global trade networks and the worsening climate crisis impact the environment.

About the two works, Christina notes, “At a moment when we are increasingly experiencing reality and the natural world indirectly, these projects ask us to sense what feels right or natural through our full kinesphere, to renew the body as the site or conduit for information registration and knowledge gathering.”

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