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ViVA will help you customize a single artist engagement or a multi-artist curated series, schedule it, and send you a contract. A signed contract and 50% deposit confirms your program, dates, and times.


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An Artist Packet will be sent to help you prepare for your ViVA talk or series.



We’ll connect you to one of our ViVA Educators to ensure you have everything you need.


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Artist Packet Sample

Available Here

Each Artist Talk Includes:

  1. An Artist Packet with expertly prepared educational materials and information to help you facilitate the ViVA talk, augment your syllabus or curriculum, and make the most of your time with the artist. Artist Packets include a bio and CV, reading bibliography, links to useful videos, prepared discussion questions, possible art assignments, writing prompts or projects for individuals or groups.

  2. A phone or Zoom consultation with a ViVA Educator to prepare for the talk. Artists will be prepped by ViVA regarding your classroom’s or audience’s list of interests, course topics, projects and content, unique community, institutional or organizational demographics, among other concerns. 

  3. The main event: A 50-90 minute artist talk, conversation or workshop!

Custom Curated Series or
Multi-Artist Panel

Work with our ViVA staff to select multiple artists for a customized visiting artist series or a thematic panel. A 4-artist series is ideal for a month-long program or a special panel on a social justice theme. An 8-artist selection is good for a semester-long series or embedded in a course syllabus.


Additional consultation time and or resources are available to ensure your ViVA talk or series meets your needs and is customized to fit your audience.


Please note: this will not be necessary in most cases because ViVA talks are ready to go!

Here are a few examples:

  • A 4-artist ViVA series on “Empathy, Wellness, and Equity” organized as part of a collaboration between your college’s DEAI Office, Student & Residential Life, and Health Services.

  • An 8-artist series on intersectional politics and contemporary art as part of a 14-16-week studio art/art history seminar.

  • A multi-generational 4-artist panel hosted by LGBTQ+ students, alumni, and Department of Women’s and Gender Studies on the anniversary of Stonewall.

  • A 6-artist series on “Climate Change and Social Justice” organized by your public library in collaboration with your senior living community.