Fees & Honoraria

ViVA cuts through the barriers that prevent schools and organizations from hosting visiting artist programs by reducing costs — both human and financial — and providing turn-key programming through streamlining logistics and sharing expertly prepared educational materials. 


An average visiting artist talk might cost $3,000 and three days for the artist and the host organization. The artist loses time from their studio practice, teaching, childcare and family, and other professional activities. Hosts have to juggle airline and airport shuttle, auditorium and technology support, W-9s and honoraria paperwork, catering and restaurants, hotel bookings, and the list goes on.


ViVA reduces everything to one contract and easy payment via credit or procurement card or invoicing. We prepare the artist by briefing them on your needs, supply you with a packet of useful educational support materials ahead of time to help you make the most of your planned talk, consult with you along the way, and manage the prompt payment of the artist.


Single Artist Talk: $950


Interested in an artist series or panel? Multiply to build your preferred program:

Curated 4-artist Series: $3,800

Curated 8-artist Series: $7,600


Need Something Special Or A Little Extra Help?:

If you have a unique theme or your group has a special set of goals, a customized talk or series can be organized. Just ask! ViVA’s Educators are ready to help and are available for $175 per billable hour to work closely with teachers, administrators, or facilitators in making the most of their ViVA engagement.


Carbon Reduction

ViVA aspires to be part of the climate solution. Virtual artist talks eliminate the burning of fossil fuels from airline flights and travel, as well as the consumption associated with room, board, and other aspects of hosting traditional in-person artist talks, panels, or series.



Only schools or organizations with substantial human and financial resources can afford traditional visiting artist programming. ViVA recognizes that creative voices are important, inspiring, and transformational to students and audiences of all ages. Our organizational model aspires to reduce or eliminate many traditional costs while increasing accessibility and learning. If ViVA’s services are still out of reach, please get in touch anyway. We are in constant communication with foundations, supporters, and other organizations and might be able to help.