• Carla’s practice is based on mixing photographic and experimental video documentation of the environments and people that impact them – focusing on the rebels, misfits and revolutionaries they lovingly refers to as “my people”

  • Their recent work, Just Me and The Light captures their isolation during quarantine in 2020. They built an installation to live in filled with elements of previous projects – a nostalgic flashback to their early days of interplay with the camera and performance in the late ‘90s

  • In 2019, Carla returned to Brazil to work with the Cipiá indigenous community in Manaus on the film Dystopia of a Jungle City, and the Human of Nature (2019). Their goal was not to tell their story, but rather to work with them to produce something important and empowering that would reach a wide audience


Climate Change; Democracy & Capitalism; Equality & Equity; Feminism; Immigration & Migration; LGBTQ+ Rights & Queer Ecologies

Carla Maldonado is a multimedia artist, working primarily with photography, video and site specific installations. Their work actively supports systemic social change, influenced by ecofeminism as a cultural form of resistance.


They stand by the rebellious aspect of their generation, referencing progressive movements in Bolsonaro's Brazil and exploring their immigrant experience in Trump's U.S.A. They looks to BIPOC women activists, community leaders and environmental intersectional feminist theories for inspiration and guidance.


I reconcile beauty with the distorted reality I navigate. My message defies inherited oppressive social dynamics, communicating global issues and empowering groups that are sentenced to be othered by the exploitative, colonial and heteropatriarchal reality we live in. I create environments where I cast spells, elevate women and rebel against concepts of normalcy.

Maldonado’s project depicts the situation of indigenous communities in the Amazon, specifically the Cipia people, whose lives have been marginalized, displaced, and rent asunder by Brazil’s pro-deforestation policies. Immersing themselves in this project, viewers begin to gain awareness of the fragility of the forest and just how easily its inhabitants could disappear.
Nat Trottman regarding Dystopia of a
Jungle city, and the Human of Nature

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